Putting LinkedIn in context

  • Why LinkedIn? Facts and figures
  • Use cases for LinkedIn
  • Other professional / B2B networks
  • Mapping the future
  • Introducing the concept of Workforce Marketing

Getting the basics fully optimised

  • Setting your objectives
  • Creating an “all star” profile
  • Using Endorsements and Recommendations
  • Harnessing the power of LinkedIn with Connections and Networking
  • Setting up Company Pages
  • Copy and search engine optimisation (SEO)

Networking and Marketing Strategies

  • Growing and leveraging an effective network
  • Using LinkedIn Groups for maximum benefit
  • The pro and cons of paid-for accounts
  • LinkedIn Ads: set-up, targeting and measurement
  • How to set up sponsored content and targeted company updates
  • Using LinkedIn as a Content Marketing platform
  • Using LinkedIn as a social platform via individual and company updates

Advanced Features, Tips and Tricks

  • Advanced networking strategies to generate massive relevant reach
  • People searching strategies
  • Using third party platforms
  • Plugins, widgets and the LinkedIn API

Want to run this workshop at your organisation?

It is actually quite easy to organise.