Course Overview

Our 1-day course will show you how companies are using Social Media to generate engagement, create conversations and listen to their customers

Highlights ...

Social Media Today - stats and facts
Digital Media Touch points
Use of updates across networks
Listening, researching and monitoring
Social proof
Broadcast vs Engagement
SEO, Social Media & User-generated content


● What are Facebook pages?
● Deconstructing Facebook Pages - updates,cover photos and apps
● How are organisations using them?
● Content creation looking at types of content - text, video, images, links hashtags - and how to create engagement
● How to generate more followers (likes)
● Analytics - what to look and monitor
● Facebook ads and sponsored stories - how to use them to target specific audiences


● Creating tweets, notifications, using video and images
● Using retweets, notifications, direct messages, shortened URL's and hashtags
● Building and nurturing a following
● Engagement, PR, brand building, selling, customer care, sales promotion & much more
● Monitoring, researching and listening
● How to make the most out of new Twitter profiles


● Creating high quality LinkedIn profiles
● Developing connections and recommendations
● Degrees of separation, introductions and InMail
● Creating meaningful updates, segmenting them and sponsoring them
● Creating ads to target and reach out to new audiences
● Exploring open and private Groups: Inviting People, Managing a Group, and more
● Creating, Following and Updating Company Pages

Want to run this workshop at your organisation?

It is actually quite easy to organise.