Twitter Basics and Set Up
This section offers an insight into the mechanics of Twitter and ends with the creation of your account. We will cover:

  • The dashboard
  • Timelines
  • Tweets, retweets and notifications
  • Following and Followers
  • Crafting a Twitter name and Bio
  • Selecting/creating a suitable header and profile photo

The Art of Tweeting Part 1
We will consider who you are going to be tweeting to, the type of language and keywords you should use and trying to maintain a balance in your tweeting. We will use dozens of examples of how organisations are using Twitter. We will:

  • Create plain text tweets
  • Add links
  • Learn how to reply to and mention Twitter users
  • Discuss and use retweets effectively

How to Build a Following
We will show you how to take your Twitter followers from a handful to hundreds. This section will explore:

  • How to tap into your existing customer base
  • Use the various digital marketing tools to drive traffic
  • Commenting/retweeting
  • Reaching out to others and collaborating

Listening and Managing
This section looks at how to set Twitter up for managing and listening and some of the great 3rd party tools that can help you gain advantageWe will look at:

  • What you should be looking out for
  • Learning to respond and engage
  • Using Twitter Advanced Search
  • Evaluating and using 3rd party apps
  • Scheduling tweets
  • The importance of a Twitter Calendar

The Art of Tweeting Part 2
This second section delves deeper into how to tweet and looks at adding more value and functionality to your tweets. We cover:

  • How are companies crafting their tweets
  • Delve deeper into Tweet etiquette
  • Understanding, finding and creating hashtags
  • Using shortened & custom URL’s
  • Creating and adding images and video
  • 30 techniques to guarantee better engagement and activity

Monitoring and Advertising 
One area that people often overlook is that of measurement. This section will look at what and why we should measure? We look at:

  • Twitter’s Analytics package
  • Discover how you tweet better
  • Find the optimum times to tweet
  • Consider how to use Twitter with Google Analytics

Twitter and Your Company

This final section looks at how you now go about integrating your Twitter strategy into the wider object of your organisation. We consider:

  • How to further develop your strategy
  • How to get further buy in from directors, managers & the staff
  • Defining the boundaries for your Twitter activity
  • Social Media/Twitter policy for your organisation

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